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The Answer Men Home Inspection Service was founded in 1999 and was the second home inspection service of its kind in Columbia County. Chris Shaheen, the founder, and the current owner is a Florida State Certified Home Inspector, License # HI-7282, and a Florida State Certified Building Contractor, License # CBC-053026. Chris has been a building contractor for 20 years in the State of Florida, and a remodeling contractor for 20 years previously in suburban Chicago. His father was an Architect and Building Contractor before him.

This extensive industry background provided an excellent foundation of experience for the home inspection business. Understanding first hand how buildings go together, and often having to take them apart for the purpose of repair or remodeling, gives a hands-on level of experience that cannot be imitated in a classroom. This type of experience hones intuitive skills to a high level, which is a necessity when it comes to properly doing a home inspection. It is easier to diagnose issues with a house when you know what you are looking for.

Our inspection process is performed digitally, which means that as soon as we are finished on site, the full report, including color pictures, is ready to send via email to all concerned parties. We do not believe that a home inspection report should be any longer than is necessary. Our average report is approximately 25 pages total, including pictures and comments. Needless duplication of information serves to only make it harder to pinpoint the information you are looking for.

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