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Are you preparing to enter the home market?  Get a comprehensive home inspection report before making any decisions.  The Answer Men will help you make informed choices and will take detailed note of the property’s condition so you’ll  know the real value.

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Find out if there are any repairs that are needed before listing your home on the market.

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Find out the facts so you can negotiate a fair price. Get an accurate home inspection report and buy with confidence.

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We offer a full range of building inspection services, starting at just $300.

Welcome to The Answer Men Building Inspection Service.

We are glad that you found us because just by getting here, you have taken the first step towards “Peace of Mind”, an elusive element in today’s real estate market. Our goal here is to provide you with the information you need so that you can “Buy with Confidence”.

We provide Residential & Commercial Building Inspections, 4 Point Insurance Inspections, Structural Certifications, Roof inspections, Wind-Mitigation inspections, Mold inspections, Infrared Photo inspections, and Progress Inspections for new construction. Follow the Building Inspection Services link to learn more about each type of inspection.

To schedule your inspection, visit our Contact Us page, and fill out the online form. Be sure to read and understand the Pre-Inspection Agreement. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you

The following article outlines our approach to inspection. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then the rest of this website can be very useful to you. Again, thanks for stopping by!

From the founder:

Our goal here is to provide you with the information you need so that you can Buy with Confidence.”

Chris Shaheen, The Answer Men

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